As of 9am 12 March 2020, a total of 29,764 people have been tested: 29,174 negative 590 positive 8 patients who tested positive for coronavirus have sadly died. (@18.15 reported 10 patients died.)

Source: Department of Health and Social Care

Total UK cases COVID-19 Cases Update
as of 09:00 (GMT) on 12/03/2020

UK Update:

The number of British cases has increased by 134 to 590 while the number of deaths has increased to eight. It was the biggest increase in a single day.
See breakdown by region @ 12 March >>

The UK has moved to delay phase which aims to lower the peak impact of the virus and push it away from the winter season – when pressures on the NHS are more acute because of issues including seasonal flu. It is also hoped to buy time for the testing of drugs and development of vaccines and/or improved therapies or tests to help reduce the impact of the disease.

Impact Update:

We are constantly monitoring this, but please find the latest update:

  • Anyone with a new persistent cough or high temperature is now advised to self-isolate for seven days.
  • From Friday, school trips abroad will be banned, but schools are not closing following scientific advice – this may change.
  • Older people and those with pre-existing health conditions have been told not to go on cruises and all those over 70 with medical conditions are advised not to travel overseas.
  • Major public events such as sporting fixtures, are still going ahead, but considerations are in place to intervene.
  • If you think you have symptoms, use the internet resources prior to calling 111


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