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Get Involved

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There are a lot of ways to contribute

We pride ourselves on our dynamism and how quickly we can respond to issues of significance that impact the communities that we aim to support. We are constantly looking for volunteers that can be mobilised at short notice. 


We seek to empower our volunteers and interns by giving them the responsibility to organise and deliver on key programmes led by members of staff. Our central team thrive when working collaboratively with one another, discussing solutions to complex issues as a group to ensure that we consider a range of perspectives. 

Find out how to get involved either as a volunteer, intern or member of staff below or see when our next event is taking place. 

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Keep Informed

We run regular projects and events covering areas of interest to members of London's faith communities. We have a large network of contacts in the interfaith and voluntary sectors alongside those involved in political and civil decision making. We endeavour to stay informed on the major projects and events occurring in these sectors both in London and beyond. We also have research staff who monitor any key world events that are relevant to our area of work.

To keep informed on recent news and events in the Faith space click below.

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There are a lot of ways to contribute

We value the contribution of all those that seek to support Faiths Forum for London. Individuals can either choose to donate their time through volunteering with us on our award winning programmes or provide us with a financial donation. 

We appreciate all of the support we get to promote religious tolerance and and social cohesion between London's faith communities. 

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