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About us

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Our Mission

Through the provision of bespoke community training and resources, we seek to strengthen the leadership, capacity and governance of faith institutions. Founded as a centre for community engagement and research, we work to 

empower our partners to contribute towards social action and policy.

  We aim to promote understanding of nine world faiths through faith literary training and by facilitating dialogue and good relations between different faith communities and wider society. Through cultivating such understanding

we build tolerance and counter hate.

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Our People

We are devoted to being as transparent as possible, by highlighting what we do, how we do it and who we do it with. Here we have the individuals that make up our organisation and the vision and values that guide them.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create robust faith communities that are integrated within and contribute towards a more tolerant London. We are committed to developing the diversifying the ability of faith institutions to contribute to the resilience and wellbeing of both religious communities and wider society.

We envision a society where faith institutions are recognised as a positive force in the promotion of tolerance, respect, understanding and reconciliation. Through a driven and dynamic approach, we believe we can build a cohesive society where equal access and opportunities are available for everyone.

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